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Category: GeneralPublished on 2014 Nov, 16

We sometimes hear that Nelson’s Dutch Farms Ice Cream is “expensive”.

If you are like most shoppers, you compare products before making a buying decision.


When you compare Nelson’s, consider a few  important facts:

  • Nelson’s is made with the finest ingredients
  • Nelson’s Dutch Farms is a super premium ice cream made with 16% butterfat, and 41% milk solids
  • Nelson’s Dutch Farms half gallon is a true 64oz…compared to what looks like a half gallon but is really 54 or 48oz.


      The percentages of butterfat listed above are by weight, not volume. So if you took a gallon of 16% super-premium ice cream and pumped it full of enough air to make it into two gallons, it’d still be 16% butterfat by weight, but it’d taste entirely different (and terrible, probably). When you eat a super-cheap grocery store ice cream that tastes like you’re eating flavored air, that’s pretty much what it is. They’ve put too much air into it, so they can sell more of it without actually adding more dairy ingredients.

Ice Cream Geek Blog:

BUTTERFAT AND ICE CREAM: http://www.icecreamgeek.com/?p=113


While the Ice Cream Geek Blog is mostly concerning home made ice cream, there is some very good and readable information.


Using 16% butterfat, the finest ingredients, and making the ice cream in the Artisinal hand packed way all add to the cost to produce. It all adds up to a superior product at a reasonable price. If you disagree, why not pick up a pint of Nelson's and compare it to whatever you think is better.


We'd love to hear your opinion...


Sharon David | 2017 Aug 13    10:42 PM
I bought a half gallon in Northampton at an Ice Cream shop, the flavor was Peach. I must say I was disappointed in the flavor and lack of pieces of real fruit. Otherwise, the ice cream was of good quality. I do hope you will add more fruit or peanut butter or whatever the flavor dictates.
Edward G LaDrew | 2017 Jul 31    12:39 PM
I appreciate the fact that Nelson's has not reduced the container size from a true half-gallon. It must be tempting since all the others are doing it. I regard it as an insult to my intelligence, Charge what you need to charge, but please keep the half gallon size. I don't regard Nelson's ice cream as "expensive". Like good wine, we expect to pay a little more for quality ice cream ..... and Nelson's is that.
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