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Soup? More expensive than Ice Cream?

Category: GeneralPublished on 2015 Jan, 08

Yesterday I ran out to the local convenience store for a quick lunch. I'm on a January diet so I opted for a "Medium" container of soup.

This local well known C store...I'll call it Haha, has an electronic ordering monitor. I selected soup, and a medium size. What's really interesting is that on the monitor as well as on the board behind the counter, there was no information as to the size in oz.s, nor was there a price. I was issued a printout ticket with a number which I took to the cashier, which is when I found out that the charge was $3.70. But it doesn't stop there. The soup container had no indication of the number of oz.s. I'm guessing it would take about two + "mediums", maybe even more to fill one of our Pint containers, which are 16 ozs, and clearly marked on the package. I checked their website and there was no indication of either size in ozs or price.


Nelson's Dutch Farms ice cream is sold in full Pints-16 ozs, and the recommended retail price is $3.99. We understand that there are some ice cream manufacturers that are offering 14 oz containers that look just like a Pint until you check the container, but at least they show the ozs. Apparently our competitors are doing the same thing with Pints that they have done with half gallons. Nelson's Dutch Farms half gallons are still a full 64 ozs.


Now  the Chicken Corn Soup was excellent. But so is Nelson's Dutch Farms ice cream. We not only use high quality ingredients, but our production process involves Artisinal hand packing. And the cost of our ingedients, beginning with milk, cream and sugar is no doubt higher even before the cost of labor and transportation is added in. So $3.70 for about 8 ozs of excellent ChickenCorn Soup vs $3.99 for 16 ozx of super premium Nelson's Dutch Farms ice cream.


My point is: Nelson's super premium Dutch Farms ice cream is a bargain. You can check out the following post on the "Ten Most Expensive Pints of Ice Cream for comparrison: http://www.thedailymeal.com/moreslideshows/10-most-expensive-pints-ice-cream-slideshow


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