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The History of Ice Cream

Category: GeneralPublished on 2016 Jun, 02

Ice cream has its fair share of myths surrounding its creation, according to PBS.

While some people claim that Marco Polo brought this tasty dessert back from his travels, the truth is ice cream dates back to a much more ancient time. While it may not have looked like we know it today the Bible has references to cooling iced drinks and icy drinks flavored with honey. The first mention of a “a frozen milk-like confection” comes from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and has a steady presence in various historical accounts since then. Though historians can’t pinpoint when Americans first got their hands on this tasty treat, it’s most likely that it came with the European settlers in the 1700’s. At this point, books had been created about confectionery which included ice cream. In 1790 the first ever ice cream parlor was opened in New York and during that same summer George Washington reportedly spent $200 to fulfill his ice cream cravings. Whatever the official origins, we sure are glad ice cream exists.


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