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The History of the Whoopie Pie

Category: GeneralPublished on 2016 May, 18

Who knew such a simple treat could cause such a BIG controversy?

According to The New England Historical Society, the history of the whoopie pie is more aptly named the great whoopie pie controversy. This delicious dessert made up of  two soft cookies with creamy filling has been the cause of a lengthy fight between two states. For years, Pennsylvania and Maine have been arguing over who exactly created the first Whoopie Pie. Pennsylvania claims the Amish were responsible for cooking up this dessert favorite. While Maine says Labadie’s Bakery has been serving up Whoopie Pies since 1925. Maine has laid claim on the dessert as their official state treat while Pennsylvanians claim that the name originates from Amish children yelling “Whoopie” when they found a sweet piece in their lunch pails. Regardless of which state actually created the dessert, one thing is true: Whoopie pies are a dessert worth fighting over. 


We'd like to claim the Whoopie Pie for Pennsylvania and add our twist to it with our Full Nelson! The Full Nelson has two soft Whoopie Pie cookies with our signature ice cream in the middle. Check out your local retailer for this delicious treat this summer. If you can't find it there, ask your manager for it and become a part of Nelson's Nation!


Source: http://www.newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/great-whoopie-pie-controversy/

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