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What Comes to Mind When You Think of Ice Cream

Category: GeneralPublished on 2014 Oct, 28

Growing up in the 1950’s, vacations involved a long drive from Philadelphia…Mt Airy to be exact…in our family's non-air conditioned 1939 Ford to visit my Nana. She still lived in my Dad’s non-air conditioned birth home in South Lancaster, MA - a very small town located between Boston and Worcester. There were no highways so it was a long and exhausting trip on the back roads across the countryside.

Other than a daily trip to a nearby pond for swimming or an occasional hike on Mt. Wachusett, the highlight of the day would be a visit to the ice cream parlor with its walk-up window, located a couple of short blocks from my Nana’s home.

I seem to recall this particular ice cream parlor offered “29 Flavors”. Unlike my older brother, I would almost always order Vanilla. This made me the subject of ridicule even though older brothers never needed any excuse to ridicule. While Vanilla continues to not only be THE most popular ice cream flavor (really, Google it!), and is considered to be the best taste test for quality, those facts would not have deterred my brother from making fun of me.

I invite YOU to take your own taste test to satisfy your own quality standards. You too will walk down memory lane when you try Nelson’s Dutch Farms™ Vanilla. We are confident you won’t be disappointed and will be hard pressed to find an equal... UNTIL, early 2015 when David Nelson’s first batches of his new Organic line of Ice Cream products, "Nelson’s Dutch Country™ Vanilla", is available to the public.

And while it’s self-serving (pun intended) to say so, Nelson’s Dutch Farms™ reminds me of that homemade, creamy-tasting ice cream from the little parlor I visited in my youth.

We’d love to hear what comes to mind for you when you think of or eat ice cream, particularly Nelson’s Dutch Farms™ ice cream. Share your comments and stories on this blog, on Nelson's Facebook Page or on Nelson's Twitter page. Be sure to post a #NixBesserSelfie of yourself enjoying Nelson's Ice Cream too!


John Starbuck, VP Sales & Marketing

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