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Category: GeneralPublished on 2014 Dec, 04

Americans are changing their views on the health benefits derived from including natural fat in their diets.

I'm not a reader of Cosmopolitan, but I came across this article, linked below, that cites some benefits to eating foods with natural fats: "...well the fats you should be eating come from food like nuts, seeds, oily fish, grass-fed meat, eggs, full-fat dairy, avocodos, coconut oil, organic butter and olive oil."


"Signs you may need to up your healthy fat intake:

  1. You have dry, flaky skin
  2. You feel hungry all the time
  3. You really feel the cold
  4. Your head always feels fuzzy
  5. You're eating super healthy but aren't losing weight"


The arguments made to include more fat in one's diet seem valid. You can read the article and make your own evaluations. I would add that our Nelson's Dutch Farms Ice Cream has a 16% butterfat content, as will our Nelson's Dutch Country Organic Ice Cream.


You can enjoy delicious, guilt-free ice cream.



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